Our Responsibility

Our ambition is to reduce HAI’S and improve the health of patients where ever they are in the world

Conserving Environment

Our driving ambition of improving the health and wellbeing of hospital patients, where ever they are in the world, requires us taking into consideration the direct and indirect impacts our business pose on environment, society and economy. We are continuously innovating to produce products which are as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. One of our strategic corner stones is the reduction of laundry services which poses high costs to healthcare budget and increases carbon emissions in the global healthcare industry.

Our People

We embrace the Nordic values thorough our organization no matter where our colleagues are located. All our global production is done with the highest responsibility towards our employees. Equality is valued among all of us no matter what the job title or position might be. Our whole team is very quality oriented and proud of our roots and products.

Waste reduction

Our products are manufactured from recyclable materials, this means that when they come to the end of their life span, they can simply be disposed of as normal medical waste. Our computer based laser cutting systems leave the smallest possible amount of waste when the materials are being prepared for assembly.

Proven Solutions

Elers Medical’s extensive portfolio of proven preventive Infection Prevention solutions represent the highest standard in quality and innovation. Healthcare facilities around the world currently benefit from not only the patented and Internationally Approved Infection control range of products supplied by Elers Medical, but also from the extensive knowledge and expertise that Elers Medical have in Infection Prevention and Control and in designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative forward-thinking products.